Supranational bodies in Europe

In one of the lectures the prof showed me the following picture. It shows nicely the supranational bodies active in Europe.

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After searching the net I found the picture on Wikipedia.

Myths and Rumours of the EU explained

Yesterday I published this post but something went very wrong after that with my wordpress installation, causing me to lose this post completely.  So here is a repost of it.

The website I came across here debunks some of the myths and rumours that float around the internet (and the world for that matter) on so-called policy proposals of the EU. Or as the website itself puts it:

Most of us rely on our national newspapers, television and radio news to find out about what is going on in the EU. Unfortunately, amongst the clear and informative reports lie a large number of stories based on twisted facts or even lies. The stories can make entertaining reading, but many people believe them and often come away with a picture of the EU as a bunch of mad ‘eurocrats’. These pages take some of those stories and set the record straight – sadly, we cannot keep track of them all.

Lisbon Treaty has just entered into force!

It is 1 minute past 00.00 hours on 1 December 2009: The Lisbon TreatyW has just entered into force!

Now curious if it will bring what was expected.

For anyone not in possession of it yet: download the consolidated version. Or as it should be known now: The Treaty of the European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Sealing of the signatures of the Lisbon Treaty

My Library

The past few months I have been using Librarything as a way to digitalize my book collection. Right now I have 444 books in my library! Woohoo! (Still quite some books to go though). You can see my library here (on my site) and/or here (on the Librarything site).

Would recommend Librarything if you are looking for a way to organize your book collection!

Klaus & Lisbon Treaty

I was about to write a post on why the demands of president Klaus of the Czech Republic are, besides extremely late, completely superfluous because the Lisbon TreatyW already guarantees the ‘guarantees’ that Klaus demands.

When trying to get some background info for this post I came across an article in the Financial Times that covers it. Saves me the ‘effort’ of writing a story 😉

Read the story here

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